Battery and Generator Back-ups

Serving California during power outages


 The popular solar energy choice in the U.S. for government, commercial or industrial facilities, and universities.


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We design, build, and maintain custom carports that harness solar energy to power schools, businesses, and government buildings, while providing shelter from sun and rain for students, customers, and visitors in beautiful, functional shaded areas.



Carports provide both aesthetic appeal and protection from harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s a commercial or residential install, the Bella Construction team is equipped with the expertise to construct your project, regardless of the size.



Our solar system battery backup systems are the perfect solution to utility power outages or for use as an off-grid battery backup.

Ag Solar Development, Services and Solutions


Our expertise in solar power combined with our large scale construction background
allows us to provide customized, cost effective solutions for your Agribusiness.

Agricultural Solar

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California is the agricultural powerhouse of the US. Bella Construction plays a key part in providing solar energy solutions. Our team of ag solar experts will deliver the highest quality service to fit your project needs, no matter the size.

Utility-Scale Solar

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Photovoltaic energy solutions developed on a large scale. We ensure our utility scale solar systems include built in storage capacity to suit the specific needs of our clients. We are licensed and equipped to handle even the largest projects.




Superb Project Management

Bella Construction has extensive experience in high-level project management and ensures the best building materials, engineers, architects, designers and outcome for your residence or company. Expertly guiding your project from conception to completion from Pipeline Construction, to Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, to Solar Generation Plants and even Medical Gas and Certified Systems.

Our project managers will take the burden off your hands.
We professionally handle the day-to-day business of overseeing the entire construction process for you.


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The Bella Construction Team

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brings diverse management and PV industry experience to a workforce that will deliver
the highest quality solar modules and tailored energy systems to maximize your ROI


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Committed to promoting energy independence in Chowchilla Ca,
Bella Construction has successfully installed the 26.5 megawatt
commercial project known as The Adera Solar Farm

#1 in AG SOLAR

Generating Power for the Future - Today!

Bella Construction serves the commercial and residential construction development and solar energy design/installation needs of all California residents and businesses



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  • “Honestly reliable great rates. This is a company that stands by it’s work”

    Liz Sherman

  • “Bella installed a 10kw system on my home and I could not have been happier and more impressed. The workers were professional and very knowledgable. The work was done very quickly and the workers left my home clean. I would highly recommend Bella to anyone looking to install solar on their home”

    George McArthur

  • “We researched a lot of companies and decided to go with Bella Construction because our family Doctor had such high recommendations from having work done by them. They were actually able to accommodate our busy schedule on a Sunday! Thank you Kevin and the whole crew!”

    Brian S

  • “We now have a PV system at my preschool thanks to Bella Construction! The entire process was stress free and even turned out to be a learning experience for my students. The kids love the fact that their school is now being powered by the sun. Thank you Bella for accommodating our school schedule for staff and students alike. They handled all details big and small from filing for rebates to permits and the like. Michelle Adams Tiny Steps Preschool

    Michelle Adams

  • “The Bella Construction team was professional from beginning to end and were extremely helpful in explaining our options to us. We felt confident we had made the best decision about going solar!

    Robert Miller

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